Sort and Buy paintings by Size

Popular Painting Sizes

Where there is blank space on your wall, there is always room for including art. Open space on your wall leaves you with plenty of opportunity to turn your space into something completely your own with art pieces that suit your unique taste, personality and way that you see the world. Depending on how much space you have to work with, you will need to choose a piece of art that is easily able to fit inside of it, and there are three main sizes that you can choose from: small, medium, or large.

Small paintings are defined as paintings that are under 20 inches in size. These sizes are ideal for small spaces such as little walls, alcoves, on pillars, corners and more. You can also group several small paintings in one location to offer the space a busier feel. Medium-sized paintings are classified as sizes between 20 inches and 39 inches. These are suitable for medium-sized spaces such as small rooms, bedrooms, or apartments that need art but do not have the right amount of room to be overwhelmed by too large of a piece. Finally, there are large pieces of art. These are defined as being over 39 inches in size. Large art pieces are ones that are impossible to ignore, offering you the perfect solution to an empty room with large walls such as a dining room, living room, office, meeting room or any other space that needs an interesting focal point.