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Popular Painting Mediums

Just as there is no one right way to express oneself through painting, there is no one right medium upon which to do it. Depending on the works that one intends to paint, different mediums may feel necessary in different ways. Artists can use just about any kind of paint and material upon which to paint, ranging everything from oil to acrylic, from canvas to cardboard, to bring to life the thoughts and feelings that they have swirling around in their heads. Mediums are every bit as important as the image that these mediums bring to life and may be something you consider when you are picking out your next art piece.

Oil and acrylic are two of the most commonly used mediums artists choose to work with. The biggest difference between oil paintings and acrylic paintings is the time it takes the paints to dry. This may not sound like much, but it does make a difference. In terms of color, oil paints often have richer pigmentation, which affords them vivid, robust colors. Acrylics are just as colorful but may become darker as they dry in a way that oil paint does not. Watercolor and pastels are other mediums that are commonly used. Watercolor uses up much of the white space on a paper and dries quickly, but pastels offer the truest colors, ones that will not change or fade or darken during their drying time, making their paintings the most authentic and faithful to the artist's original vision.