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Popular Painting Styles

Whether you are only a recent art collector or have been collecting for many years, you are likely familiar with the different painting styles that have evolved over the years. While most painting styles have sprung forth over centuries ago, they continue to affect the modern world in such a way that any art collector feels moved by one style or another to this day. There are many art styles that contemporary painters employ when creating their different paintings, such as impressionism, realism, expressionism and surrealism.

Impressionism is one of the most prominent art styles that one sees to this day. It began in the 19th century and is trademarked by thin and small, yet still very visible brush strokes. Impressionism also makes a point to focus on different light sources in the paintings. A modernist movement, expressionism is characterized by a piece of art that depicts the world from a subjective standpoint and distorts the reality of the scene in order to evoke a certain emotional response. This style of painting began in the 20th century. Abstract art takes on less of a shape and instead uses color, shape, lines and form to create a piece that has virtually no physical references. With surrealistic art, the painter creates a world blended with both real life and fantasy to create a sort of dreamscape. All of the many different art styles available are sure to appeal to you in one way or another depending on what you like from art.