Sort and Buy paintings by Subject


When it comes to painting, artists are free to express themselves in many different ways. There are a huge variety of painting styles that artists can employ, each one ideal in its own way for painters to communicate their thoughts and feelings, or simply just as a way to depict the way they interpret life they see around them. Painting styles and preferences are every bit as unique to those who paint them as they are to those who buy the paintings, and there is no right or wrong art style to choose.

Finding the right painting for the spaces you live and work in may seem like an intimidating feat, but examining what sort of atmosphere you hope to create in the room is a good start. Abstract paintings are often ideal for places such as offices or other work areas as they are not too distracting yet give the mind somewhere to wander when the stress of work becomes too much. Landscape paintings are also ideal for these locations, just like they are good for setting the stage for a tranquil living or family room.

Floral paintings and still life paintings work well in kitchens and hallways to add pause to places that are so often busying and distracting. Nude paintings work well in bedrooms or other intimate locations. Art that depicts cityscapes or rural areas work in meeting rooms, living rooms, bathrooms or anywhere else that might need a bit of life breathed into them.