List of original paintings signed by artist Laurentiu Dimisca

Laurentiu Dimisca believes that art is an expression of what is within; that art is a way to show the connectedness of the human experience, one that reaches deep within the points that separate humans into groups and sews the cracks back together to show the world where they came from.

This artist recognizes the pain and the love that is a part of the human experience, and he also recognizes that many people hide away emotions like these. Through his works, Laurentiu Dimisca intends to shed light on them once again and bring each person who views his work into a conversation with themselves. Within his creative and unique pieces of art, Laurentiu Dimisca strives to bring to life every emotion within you by symbolizing it within his subjects.

In his works, there is always a main focal point, a creature such as an animal, for instance, painted almost in the manner of a caricature. Within each of these beings, there are smaller intricacies at play. It seems to symbolize the intricate nature of human beings and how there is so much welled up within all of them, thoughts and emotions bursting at the seams.

The colors are outlandish and terrific, and the artist does not hold back on using color to represent emotions and to express himself. Pinks and purples are a huge theme in his works, but there are also other colors that find their way into his pieces such as greens, blues, black and reds.

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