List of original paintings signed by artist Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero was born in Mataró at the sixties. She grown in a working-class neighborhood, which was built by modest people of the postwar period migration, at the outskirts of the city.

The artist grown surrounded by reddish skies, sometimes blue ones, the horizon, stretch of farming lands, leafy carob as everyday landscape captured daily by her eyes, and also by the wonderful feeling of playing through fields and streets until the sunset. She won her first school drawing awards during the childhood, period when she was already highlighted for her amazing colorful skies' paintings.

Caballero lived in Italy when she was on her twenties. She was amazed by the country, full of architectonic, sculptural and pictorial beauty.

She studied art at the Art's Schools of Tortosa and Reus, back in Spain. Both cities influenced her a lot because of their situation, near the “Els Ports” massif and the Montsant mountain range. Those landscapes were full of reddish skies predicting rainy and windy days. The views were distinguished by the closeness of the sky and the ground, which seemed to be merging between the clouds.

The artist combines her two passions, painting and traveling, and both are influenced by each other... the colors of the places invade the paintings, and the shapes and forms are insinuated at the canvas like her deepest secret. Caballero's pieces are, clearly, colorful.

Nowadays, the artist is living again at her home town, but she never stops thinking about her next day's run.

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