List of original paintings signed by artist Hildegarde Handsaeme

Hildegarde Handsaeme was born in Kortrijk and now works just southeast of Brussels. She has a vision and talent for depicting the natural bodies and nature of women, painting them in her own unique way through her self-taught abilities. She has won international prizes for her work, being praised for the way that she follows a harmonic pattern in all of her work. The figures of the women's bodies she paints are always at the center of the work, and she is excellent at creating backgrounds that highlight different parts of their bodies in a way that offers plenty of symbolism.

Hildegarde Handsaeme is a painter that focuses on the female body, creating nudes that are unique in the way they do not strive to be realistic at all. Instead, the art that Hildegarde Handsaeme creates verges on Picasso-style inspiration where everything is bent, the proportions are highly skewed and the colors are placed in non-realistic ways, used to instead highlight different features. Many geometric shapes come into play, mostly in the form of squares and rectangles.

Circles are another large part of her imagery. Hildegarde Handsaeme uses a lot of color in her work, using these hues as a way to highlight different parts of the female form. The women appear in a number of different positions with different parts of their bodies becoming the focal points in different paintings. Music is a common theme, and she uses blues, greens and reds most often.

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