List of original paintings signed by artist Giorgi Makharashvili

Giorgi Makharashvili is a Spanish artist who was born in Russia in the year 1956. Living in Spain since 2003, Giorgi Makharashvili has taught himself how to paint from a young age and has come into his own unique style. His style is one that can only be described as dark and eerie, the artist showing through his paintings the way he views the world and the human psyche. His paintings are all a poignant depiction of the human condition, one that truly makes the viewer stop and think about the way they interpret life and the world of the people around them. His paintings feature primarily human bodies and faces, but he does stray to focus on other symbolic items, such as a pair of shoes, violins, eerie houses and even dabbles in the world of the abstract.

Most of his paintings, as mentioned, are of people. Primarily, Giorgi Makharashvili focuses on the faces of his subjects. The people in his paintings often have a tortured expression on their faces as if they are processing dark and uncomfortable emotions. Many of his paintings are entitled Scream or Metamorphosis and show the trials that human beings go through internally. Each depiction is heart wrenching and is made in colors designs to reflect the inner turmoil and pain while also shedding light on the horrors that come with being human. The colors that Giorgi Makharashvili often uses include shades of deep blue, black, gray and brown.

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