List of original paintings signed by artist Nino Kobaidze

Nino Kobaidze is an artist that was born in the year 1983 to the country of Georgia. He went to school in 2008 and received his bachelor of fine arts from the Tbilisi State Academy, and in 2010, he got his master of fine arts from the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts. This artist has been showcased in a number of exhibitions in both Georgia and Russia as well. It is with the knowledge he has gained that he creates beautiful pieces of unique art, mainly focusing on the human body but with paintings that reflect landscapes as well.

Nino Kobaidze puts a lot of emphasis on the human form, but unlike many other artists who paint the nude form almost exclusively, Nino Kobaidze tends to paint them in motion. This artist seems to believe that art and dance are one in the same and creates a lot of imagery to reflect that. Many of his paintings deal with dances mid pose against a white, gray and black background, suggesting that dance and art are able to transcend all parts of human nature. Usually when he is painting a person dancing, their bodies are cast in blue and purple hues. When the bodies of his human subjects are not in motion, Nino Kobaidze tends to paint them with yellow, black and light blue colors to suggest the calmness that comes when a person takes the time to slow down and be still for a moment.

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