List of original paintings signed by artist Jolka

A student who got her Master of Arts from the University of Zielona Gora Institute of Fine Arts with a specialization in painting, Jolka K is a contemporary artist whose artistic styles range all across the board. With her degree, not only does she paint with her learned technique, but she helps to teach therapeutic art classes for children of the primary school age level. Jolka K tends to primarily paint abstract pieces and semi-abstract pieces all the same.

A lot of her work focuses on the female form, both nude and clothed. The studies in women's bodies that she completes look at women from a number of difficult angles; she paints women in loose clothing that only offers a basic look at their form as well as semi-nude and fully nude women alike. Her pieces often have lines, colors and shapes that blur into one another except in instances where they do not, offering a broad range of contemplative styles that most anyone can enjoy.

The artwork of Jolka K uses a lot of color to evoke different emotions depending on what it is she is trying to convey. Much of her art uses the color red in some form or another. Her more abstract pieces use a lot of blue and green colors. Oranges, gold and yellow hues are also present in her work. Shadows seem to be used as much as color is in the work of Jolka K.

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