List of original paintings signed by artist Salome Rigvava

Salome Rigvava is an artist who primarily paints portraits, and of those portraits, most of them are of women's faces and bodies. This artist has had a long career of exhibiting her work, even in the relatively short amount of time she has spent making and selling her artwork. Her work has been exhibited in different kinds of exhibitions, starting in the year 2008 and ending with her most recent ones in 2011. She has been involved in a variety of different projects both group and solo as well.

The paintings that Salome Rigvava produces are semi-realistic, capturing the likeness of the female face and body in a way that is accurate in size and proportion. Some of her portraits are clear to see and realistic, while others blur the lines and go into a darker, more shadowy appearance than others. These are her more abstract paintings, but they still tend to evoke emotion that she sees when looking at the human form. Some of her paintings are bright and vivid with colorful backgrounds that suit the mood, while others are dark and gloomy, expressing the duality between the way she sees things.

In her abstract pieces, Salome Rigvava tends to use colors such as black, white, gray, and only minimal shades of blue and red to highlight certain areas. Her other paintings use colors such as bright yellow and white, creating quite the contrast to the other nudes that Salome Rigvava creates.

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