List of original paintings signed by artist Sulakshana Dharmadhikari

Sulakshana Dharmadhikari was born in the year 1975. She has shown an interest in painting from a young age and has pursued it ever since. After graduating with a diploma in Digital Electronics, she turned her time toward painting instead and found herself through this passion.

Sulakshana Dharmadhikari believes that the emotion that women have and the beauty found in nature go hand in hand with one another and tries to capture the way in which they intertwine in her works. Many of her works speak to these things together as well as separately. Colorful and vivid, many of her pieces are of natural things such as bright butterflies, flowers, lily pads in the water and other natural aquatic growths. When she is not creating paintings that reflect such life, she is using color to speak to the different emotions that women, in particular, are so prone to feeling.

The colors that are most often used by Sulakshana Dharmadhikari in her paintings of nature include green, white, blue, yellow, purple and pinks. When it comes to creating her paintings of women, the main colors tend to be yellow, purple, red and blue. Each one of the different colors seems to represent different moods. The paintings of women tend to be portrait style, focusing on faces above anything else. Their expressions tend to lend themselves to whatever the mood the prominent color in the painting suggests, indeed blending human emotion with the colors of nature as she wants to.

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