List of original paintings signed by artist George Areshidze

George Areshidze is a Georgiana artist who was born in the year 1977. He moved to Moscow to pursue a life in fine art, and once he returned to Georgia, he entered into the Tbilisi Academy of Art with a focus on Scenic Art. George Areshidze has had many exhibitions on display in his time, from solo to group exhibitions for nearly 10 years in a row. He has used his extensive history with art and paired it with his innate know-how to create a plethora of interesting works that are unlike any other.

There is no set style that George Areshidze paints in. Instead, he takes inspiration from different themes such as music and philosophy into account with his work. A lot of the paintings by George Areshidze seem to be abstract and thoughtful, works that were surely completed in a pensive state of mind. His work is full of color and color symbolism, and a few of his pieces even have the word 'meditation' in the title to suggest the thoughtfulness that goes into his work. George Areshidze paints images of landscapes of all different kinds while also painting abstract pieces all the same. There are rarely any human beings in his colorful work, but when there are, George Areshidze takes care to make sure their bodies and faces each have a certain level of realism to them in a way that suggests he wants to distance them from the rest of his abstract work.

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