List of original paintings signed by artist Adolfo Ccolque Taipe

Born in Cuzco in the year 1967, Adolfo Ccolque Taipe is an artist who spent his early childhood finding what he loved about art and chose to draw until around junior high school age. Once he was in junior high, he began to create landscape pieces. Eventually, he discovered his love of painting at around the age of 20. Since this discovery, he has spent much of his time painting and discovering his own unique style. He chooses to travel to unique places that inspire him to paint. Most of his paintings come from inspiration taken from physical locations that he has been.

Adolfo Ccolque Taipe has strayed from his earlier artistic days of crafting landscape pieces and instead, has since gone on to painting expressionist pieces. His subjects range far and wide, touching on everything from the busy streets of Times Square to nudes; from painting the interiors of different homes to painting horses out in the wild. Many of his pieces tend to feature those very horses in a number of different poses and colors. The interior of the rooms he paints are all a bit abstract, and he uses similar colors for the drapes in each one in order to connect them to the other similar paintings. When Adolfo Ccolque Taipe paints people, which he does quite often, the images are rather realistic, both in the way their faces look and the detail paid to the way they hold their bodies.

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