List of original paintings signed by artist Zurab Janiashvili

Zurab Janiashvili is an artist who studied extensively at many different universities including the Tbilisi State Academy with a specialization in painting and also taught there as a faculty member. During the years 2000 to 2011, the artist had his work shown in a number of different galleries, both on his own and as a part of group expeditions, giving him plenty of experience in the art world.

Zurab Janiashvili creates pieces that range all across the board in terms of style. These pieces are composed of different art styles, ranging from nudes to abstract work, to landscapes and still life. There is a common theme among his works that tends to lean toward the darker side of things, leaving in its wake a bleak, somber feeling. The colors most commonly used in his pieces include black, grays, heavy browns and golds. Such colors invite pensive thought as one gazes upon them, bringing with them a dark and gloomy atmosphere that speaks to places where only the mind can travel. In his abstract works, there are typically bright colors that go along with the darker ones, bringing with it a ray of hope in the otherwise bleak paintings. A few of his pieces that touch upon his home city of Tbilisi offer bright colors that seem to say that the artist has a rather optimistic view of his home and wishes to convey it.

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