List of original paintings signed by artist Valentina

Valentina V is an artist that uses his religious beliefs as a part of his art, believing that he is driven by the wisdom of the creator to replicate the diverse life around him. This artist works inside of a world that he himself has created and named New Eden or Paradise. Inside of this world, anything can exist: people, angels, birds, fish and other animals all coexist inside of it. He uses this new world as a commentary on the life in the real world and expresses himself using traditional artistic techniques that can suit the tastes of anyone who gazes upon them.

The art of Valentina V is art that spends much of its time looking at the world of human beings and still life. The images of humans are ones that often capture human life in the middle of expressing itself. His works often feature people dancing a tango or playing an instrument such as a piano, cello, violin or saxophone. His art also features people enjoying some of life's other pleasures including coffee, wine, and indulging in a day dream. This artist seems to want to convey the breadth of the human experience by painting people doing everyday things that unite humanity as people. Not only this, but Valentina V also paints still lifes as well. These still life paintings are a reflection of the art itself that is found in the world, replicating classic ideas such as a still life with fruit or with a vase.

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