List of original paintings signed by artist George K.

Born in the city of Tbilisi, Georgia, George K. is an artist who learned his skill in the Tbilisi Art Academy. He was trained and taught there from the year 1986 to the year 1994. Since then, he has spent much of his free time painting and exploring what he learned over time, fine-tuning colorful, vibrant worlds he creates in his artwork. Striving to create a semi-surrealistic approach to the way that he views life, George K. is a master at taking an ordinary scene and turning it into something truly magical.

The George K. art pieces shown here are ultra colorful and vibrant. There is no color left unexplored in his pieces. His works range from landscapes to still life images, providing a glimpse at his world view at every turn. The landscapes he creates hold a lot of common imagery such as trees, rock formations, fields and bushes, yet the fun and colorful way in which they are presented show the unique way in which this artist views the world around him; trees are not green all of the time and are instead black spheres; rock formations are angular and cast in black and white. The rest of his landscape paintings all have colors that make them appear as if they have been cast in and bathed in the light of a rich, deep sunset. Common colors include hues such as lavender, peach, red, pink, yellow and purple.

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