List of original paintings signed by artist Juan Soto

Juan Soto is a painter born in Mexico City in the year 1971. He took an interest in art from an early age and was lauded by family and peers for his incredible ability to draw and design things with expertise. Growing up submersed in his Mexican culture, Juan Soto was drawn to create images that are reflective of this, using not only imagery of items, people and animals he saw frequently there, but using the colors and landscape that he grew up around as well. He loves working on traditional mediums such as the amate-leaf tree and using techniques through this medium that were once employed thousands of years ago.

In the work of Juan Soto, the artist depicts a number of things that he was used to seeing as he grew up in Mexico. No matter what image he is painting, Juan Soto always seems to paint with similar tones of browns, reds and whites, which help to bring to mind the hot and desert-like landscape upon which he was raised. He paints animals in his work, including roosters that are so wont to run free in Mexico as well as wild horses that provide him with plenty of symbolism to work with.

Plants are also depicted in their natural habitat, as are types of people commonly seen where he comes from. Various items that are common to see around, such as vases, are depicted in those same sepia tones as the others.

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