List of original paintings signed by artist Anastasia

Born 1978. Lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine
Specializes in oil painting, murals, glass painting, gesso, interior design
Member of the Ukraine Artists Union of since 2002.
Participates in international exhibitions since 1992.

1990 - 1996 Kyiv Art school by T. Shevchenko
1996-2002 National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture. Faculty of monumental painting

Personal exhibitions:
2009 - ``Bird milk`` ``Kalita art club`` gallery, Kiev
2008 - ``Candied time`` cafe ``Bobo`` Kiev, Ukraine
2008 - ``Candied time`` cafe ``Antresol`` Kiev, Ukraine
2006 - ``The Garden of Wanderer Widow``, ``Triptych`` Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine
2004 - ``Cities and desires``, ``Triptych`` Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

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