List of original paintings signed by artist Debarati Sarkar

Born in the city of Kolkata, India in the year 1975, Debarati Sarkar has been deeply involved in creating works of art that express her way of thinking. Passionate about creating decorative paintings that are easily able to liven up any space, Debarati Sarkar creates works of art that are bubbly and alive, sure to add happiness and an uplifted feel to any room in which they are placed. A freelance artist with Masters of Art from Calcutta University, Debarati Sarkar's art can add color and vibrancy to the viewer’s life with just a quick glance at her pieces.

The art of Debarati Sarkar is not short on color in any sense. There is no such thing as dim when gazing at her paintings; all of her work is alive with fiery reds and oranges; with reds and pinks. Purples and soft lavenders are also found throughout her work. Most of the images that Debarati Sarkar chooses to paint are still life paintings consisting of flowers and plants inside of vases. Poppies, for instance, seem to be the most commonly seen thread in her work. Some of her pieces offer the sprawling images of trees, while others present the silhouette of a female body covered in these poppies, which is a common theme amongst the work of Debarati Sarka. The art of Debarati Sarkar is immediately uplifting upon viewing it, and it will surely make its presence known in any space that it is hung.

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