List of original paintings signed by artist Sheri

Sheri is a self-taught artist who has devised her own sense of self and unique style through practicing art on her own. She began her adventures as an artist when she experienced a troubling time in her life, turning to art and poetry to express herself and heal her past. Sheri claims that her art is inspired by her faith, feeling moved by the divine to express herself in a way that exudes that sense of faith. This artist calls herself a mystic artist for that reason.

It is so that much of her art is indeed mystical. Many of her paintings offer an otherworldly feel, one that is full of color and esoteric beauty. Sheri's work is often characterized by gentle colors and blurred lines, offering a mystical feeling that is calming and peaceful. Pastel colors are a common thread in her work, using primarily shades of light pinks, blues, purples and greens Her works often tend to center around the abstract. When she is not painting in the abstract, she seems to put her focus on plant life and the natural world around her, painting everything from trees to flowers, both wild and potted. Occasionally, some of her work will include the human form, but when it is, it is done so in a vibrant and unique way that strays from her typical style. Sheri’s use of color and her gift of expression are sure to add a calming tone to your home.

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