List of original paintings signed by artist Robert A.

Robert A. is an artist who hails from Ukraine. He has spend some time getting his own art degrees, including in the years of 2003 to 2008 when he studied at a Theatre, Music and Fine Art Academy and earned his degree in Art and Monumental Painting. This artist has an extensive list of interests that go into his work, including philosophy, psychology, art history and cinema. His pieces range from all different styles of art as if to reflect his many interests. The art ranges from abstract to city capes to landscapes to the human form, making Robert A. an artist that cannot be tied down by one theme entirely.

Robert A. may paint in a variety of different styles, but there are a few different colors which often find themselves the focal point of his paintings. The main colors that the viewer will note when looking at Robert A.'s work are soft, sweet pastel colors of purple, pink, orange, light blues and soft yellows. He employs these colors when painting natural landscapes, bodies of water and mountain ridges. It seems to suggest that Robert A. views the natural world in a soft and pleasant light. He even depicts a lot of his cityscape artwork in those same natural hues, perhaps commenting on the way in which human beings are able to live alongside nature and even intermix with ease. A few of his paintings depict people, but in darker colors and in a more realistic appearance.

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