List of original paintings signed by artist SZEVA

SZEVA E was born in the year 1963 and began painting at a young age under the guidance of someone more experienced than she. SZEVA E graduated from the Gyorgy Meszaros University in the year 1985 and has been painting ever since. This artist brings together imagery in color in a way that she hopes can touch at the souls and hearts of those who view her works. SZEVA E tries to bring to her paintings the things that make life worth living, no matter what the subject is at hand.

SZEVA E tends to like to paint a number of different styles, such as landscapes, abstract pieces and images featuring dancing couples. With the dancers, she uses bright, romantic colors that instill a sense of beauty and passion in each one. Her landscape paintings are calming and placid, and SZEVA E puts an emphasis on the light source in each one in order to make them look more realistic. Many of the landscape paintings that SZEVA E paints have to deal with forest areas or areas by water. She does paint houses as well, both from a distance to provide a sweeping skyline and up close for a cozier feel. The colors that are most commonly used in her landscape paintings include natural colors such as green, blue, soft pink, golden yellow and brown. In her paintings featuring dancers, she goes for more passionate colors such as pink, red and purple.

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