List of original paintings signed by artist Victor A.

Victor A. was born in the year 1982, and from a young age was led to art by his father, a sculptor. Under the mentorship of a fine artist, Victor A. began to work toward creating his own art styles through paintings. When he grew older, he took his passion for art and studied at the University of Malta as well as the Malta College of Arts and Science and the International School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture in Italy. He has had his works displayed in both solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in many different parts of the world.

Victor A. primarily paints abstract pieces of art that are full of color and symbolism. While the artist recognizes that his symbolism in color is up for debate among its viewers, he states that the works are deeply important to him and hold powerful personal symbolism. His works are all explosions of color, each one creating a contemplative space for the viewer to reside in as they gaze upon them. There is no one main color that is used throughout his works, and instead, he tends to go all across the spectrum depending on which piece he is creating. The colors that he often pairs together are fiery reds, oranges and yellows and grays, blues and light greens. His pieces are all beautifully blended and come together perfectly to create an interesting depiction of what goes on in his mind as he paints.

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