List of original paintings signed by artist Supriya Karkhanis

Taking inspiration from her love of painting during her childhood, Supriya Karkhanis has been surrounded by art from a young age and uses what she has seen and learned in her youth to apply it to the art she creates today. She obtained a degree in Commercial Arts from Bombay University and after spending some time working for software development firms, she rediscovered her love of painting. This brought her to begin creating again, and the results are paintings that she hopes will inspire a person, contribute to positive thinking or otherwise speak to some important and meaningful message.

Supriya Karkhanis mostly creates images that are based on nature. Her work is usually either figurative or abstract, and she uses both oil and acrylic paints to get her ideas onto canvas. She creates pieces that reflect her Indian culture, her spirituality and her sense of philosophy. These ideals reflect in the colorful imagery of women that she paints, each of which are busy creating something themselves--usually music of some sort, or creating motion through dancing. When she is not painting women, she is instead painting landscapes and nature. Many of her natural works feature images of flowers of some sort, whether that means flowers growing naturally on the ground, displayed in a basket or blossoming on a tree. Colors that are most commonly used include oranges, blues, greens, yellows and browns, but the most common color throughout her work is a happy yellow.

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