List of original paintings signed by artist Edmundo Pita

Born in Lima, Peru, Edmundo Pita is a self-taught artist who captures the way he sees life in a colorful way. He uses an impressionist style of art that brings together the unique images of life, both in the study of human beings and in the study of the natural world around him as well. There is no single defining color that runs throughout all of the different paintings; instead, Edmundo Pita seems to believe that in order to create art that reflects the world around him, he must use all of the colors under the sun to do so. Each of these paintings certainly does reflect the colors of the world without any sort of rhyme or reason.

The Edmundo Pita paintings here are a blend of man-made buildings, roads, cars and boats. They are also full of natural beauty such as forests, neighborhoods overrun with trees and fields as well. There are people in a lot of his paintings, showing the way that human beings and nature play such a huge role with one another. When he is painting natural scenes, if he is not using natural colors such as greens and blues to depict the world around him, Edmundo Pita is usually using pastel colors to paint the world in a more dreamy and surreal state. This inspires the viewer to look further into their surroundings to try to see all of the color that Edmundo Pita sees when he depicts his life in the form of art.

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