List of original paintings signed by artist Joseph Christiana

Joseph Christiana is an artist who exposes his view of the world in every painting that he produces. His paintings range all across the spectrum in terms of style, creating a portfolio of paintings that are every bit as unique and as versatile as the life that he is capturing on canvas. Joseph Christiana uses a broad range of colors that all depend on the scene it is that he is painting. When he is painting fields, marshes or bodies of water, which he often likes to do, he typically sticks to traditional and natural colors such as greens, blues, browns and golden yellows. The color palette takes a different tone when he paints portraits of people. His portraits are often eerie and ghastly, made up of grays, black and white colors that turn the images of the faces in the portraits into ghostly looking beings that can be a bit unsettling to look at. This could perhaps speak to the way that he holds human beings in regard.

Joseph Christiana also paints images of women in different positions, but their bodies and skin tones are more natural in appearance and less jarring. That said, his nudes of women are also in that same black and white color scheme. Joseph Christiana does also paint images of flowers and other natural phenomena, including trees and forests. There is no subject that Joseph Christiana cannot touch and bring to life, and that is evidenced in his sprawling collection of paintings.

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