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Another popular subject is the figurative painting, also known as the representational painting. This art subject is influenced by real objects, people, and animals. The main objective of figurative painting is the creation of an impression with an emphasis on the object. Most of them are easy to understand, although emotions may lead to different interpretations, depending on the individual’s perspective. An example of modern art paintings with a figurative subject is The Fear of Life, oil paint on canvas by Zhana Viel. The portrait’s theme, which is mostly included under figurative paintings, is one of the ancient art subjects from Greece and Rome. A portrait painting can be that certain something that you have searched for all your life and always carried within your soul. It can be a small piece full of electricity or it can be the missing piece in your life that will complete the puzzle of your artistic experience. It does not depict a perfect body or a symmetrical face. As Baudelaire put it, “Strangeness is a necessary ingredient in beauty.” The secret is to look beyond the surface and find the beauty within.

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Over the years, the world of painting has gone through an incredible transformation. While in the past, artwork was more oblique and confusing, but with a clear definition and a "story" behind it, many pieces of modern art are far more interpretative. As we’ve become gradually more cultured as a species, we’ve begun to make it easier for the average person to form their own conclusions on what modern paintings are saying to them. In the past, it had to be spelled out for people, but today? Not so much.

A modern painting tends to be far more figurative in its design, looking to cover more abstract and theatrical themes than the kind of classic, standardized artwork we once preferred. Another substantial change in modern artwork comes from individual creativity. While in the past, many people lacked the culture to draw a conclusion from a painting, today we can be far more figurative with the “lesson” found within the artwork that we create.

Figurative pop art is another common type of modern painting, usually looking to depict something that can be relevant to the modern era. From paintings that take on strict political undertones to those that look to accurately portray the life and trials of someone worth remembering, we are always finding easier ways to make modern artwork stand out.

Whereas in the past, we used to look to the artist to make their figurative paintings as clear as possible, today we enjoy a greater sense of intrigue and mystery regarding the background and inner image of what makes a painting so special. This kind of mystery is part of the reason why decorating with modern paintings is so enjoyable.

Ideally, modern art combines with the walls they are hung upon, both in lightness and darkness. Rather than trying to make the artwork stand out to add intrigue via contrast, contemporary modern art decoration is all about ensuring that it blends almost naturally into the chosen background.