List of original paintings signed by artist Olga Rodionov

A self-taught painter, Olga Rodionov was raised in Israel. She graduated from Tel Aviv University with her MD in the year 2006, and while she paints, she is also practicing medicine. She has painted for around five years and takes advantage of a number of different techniques and mediums to bring her art to life, although many of her paintings are usually acrylic-based paintings on glass or on canvas. She uses color to express herself while also balancing shapes together to see how they intermix with color.

The style of Olga Rodionov is both minimalistic and abstract, letting the color that she uses take over the painting and form its own state of being. Primary colors are most often used, and she also takes advantage of the polarity of black and white to make her paintings pop as well. Oftentimes, Olga Rodionov paints plants in a variety of settings, whether this consists of snowy berries on a tree or flowers in a vase. When she paints plants and flowers, Olga Rodionov tends to use a lot of red--red berries, red flower petals and so on. Another common color in her depiction of plants is soft purple that borders on shades of lavender and pink that mixes with it beautifully. Her paintings are very vibrant and eye opening, definitely drawing the attention of anyone in the room. Each one depicts the way she views the world around her in all of its colorful glory.

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