List of original paintings signed by artist Janet Mirsky

Born in Rochester, New York, Janet Mirsky began her artistic career while she still was going to college, eventually graduating from Boston University's Hotel Administration School. She was inspired to create art while she worked in the food business, noting that there was something creative about cooking and plating food. It was her experiences cooking that drove her to want to pick up art. She signed up for her first painting class in the year 2002, and since that day, she has not stopped painting. She works with a number of different mediums and styles, creating art pieces that are totally her own.

Each one of Janet Mirsky's works are bold and colorful. They take usual elements one might find out in nature or in the neighborhood but creates them in such fantastic ways they are something of a dreamland by the time the painting has been completed. Janet Mirsky paints a number of different subjects, such as outdoor scenes, still life images, abstract art, people and more. All of her work features very thick lines that create bold images, no matter what it is she is painting. Her paintings are all rife with color, and there is never a dull painting among the bunch. Most commonly, Janet Mirsky uses colors like lime green, red, blue, orange and yellow in her pieces, regardless of the work she is creating. There is something pleasantly disjointed about the paintings of Janet Mirsky that causes the viewer to stop and reflect upon what it is they are seeing.

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