List of original paintings signed by artist Anna Buzinova

Anna Buzinova was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, in a family of notorious local artists. She attended children art school, then children design school and then her choice of the future profession was not a surprise. In 2008 she graduated from St. Petersburg State University, Faculty of Fine Arts, majoring in Graphic Design. During her studies Anna was actively mastering different painting techniques and materials. Her paintings participated in several young artists exhibitions and contests.

For several years she had been working successfully as a graphic designer , creating logos, packaging and illustration, decorating interiors for numerous Russian and international companies. However, the most of all Anna liked painting and drawing and that was the main reason why by the end of 2009 she has decided to give up graphic design and dedicate her time to canvass and brush.

Since 2010 she works as a free-lance artist and curator, writing her PhD dissertation on the problems of visual communication and visual arts at the Faculty of Journalism, St. Petersburg State University. Together with young artists Inga Pavlova, Peter Ldin and Grigorii Pavlychev Anna has organized an art-group called ``Hudozhniki`` ( translated from russian: THE ARTISTS). This group aims to resurrect the real visual emotional art, so the performances and exhibitions they hold are always dedicated to the particular art style or epoch. For instance, Anna is keen of impressionism and early Renaissance, her favorite artists are Klimt, Manet, Paolo Uchello and Andrea Mantegna, that could be seen from her art works. In 2011 Anna was invited to take part in is the large-scale project ``The Circus``, which was initiated by the notable artist Vladimir Zagorov. The exhibition will be held in the State Russian Museum in 2013.

The artist has had several exhibitions in St. Petersburg and Moscow, her works are on display of some Russian corporate collections and are enjoyed by private collections all over the world.

Exhibitions list:
2006 - The Young Artists Exhibition. Central Art House. Moscow
2007 - ``Flowers`` Exhibition. Central Exhibiting Hall. Saint-Petersburg
2008 - 1st prize in the ``City views`` competition among students of art schools. Moscow
2009 - Seasonal exhibition. Artists Union Gallery. St.Petersburg
2010 - Exhibiton of graphic art. Gallery ``Anna``. St.Petersburg
2011 - Flowers and Fruit. Fitness Family gallery. St.Petersburg
2011 - Museum Anniversary. Erarta Museum. St. Petersburg
2011 - ``Simple Things``. Audi Retail center. St.Petersburg

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