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Cityscape paintings are the perfect way to remember the places you've visited on vacation. The best paintings encapsulate not only the architecture but the culture too. Paintings do this in a way a simple photograph can never do. The strokes of a brush, the texture of the paint, describe the thriving life of a city in a way a camera cannot capture. Some cityscape paintings try to depict the bold architecture and colors of a cityscape in a realistic manner. Other paintings are more abstract and expressive of the zeitgeist that exists within the city. Some cityscapes try to go beyond brick and steel structure, and define instead the lives of the people within the city's confines. After all, it is the people who live in a city that define it, far more so than the architecture. Many cityscapes fuse nature with the urban setting. They depict the city in rain or under a glorious sunset. The sky is often an important aspect of a great cityscape painting. Often too, tree-lined avenues depict the all-important symbiosis between man-made structures and nature.

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Cityscapes needn’t be drab and post-industrial, with lowering skies over dark concrete structures. They can be infused with a carousel of colors, depicting glittering blue rivers and brightly lit building facades. They can feature strong architectural lines or abstract daubs of paint.

Cityscapes depict both the physical aspects and the soul of a city. They are the alter ego of landscapes, and have been part of art history since the days of ancient Rome. In recent decades, cityscapes have enjoyed a renaissance in step with the return of figurative art. Before, conceptual art dominated the 20th Century. Artists, such as Willem de Kooning, have introduced abstract techniques to great effect into cityscapes. Today you can choose between a wide range of both realistic and abstract cityscapes.