List of original paintings signed by artist Janikor

Born in Hungary, Janikor K is a trained artist who has studied at universities throughout Budapest. The artist took many summer courses at fine arts academies during his time and received degrees in geography and drawing while at school. Having worked as a graphic artist before, he has been specializing in oil painting since the year 1985. Since he began, he has gained a love of European fine art and strides to create pieces that reflect both contemporary and traditional styles all at once. Janikor K now works to modernize these classic styles and turn them into more accessible pieces for the contemporary viewer.

This style is shown in the way that Janikor K paints to this day. His pieces seem to focus around locations instead of just items or people in those locations. Buildings, alleyways, rivers, streams and other views are all present in his work. Occasionally, Janikor K will also end up painting floral bouquets and other still-life objects. The common colors the artist uses when not painting green fields and bright blue skies, are brown and a rich shade of red-brown, being especially common in his paintings that feature buildings. This seems to bring a bit of realism to his work, grounding it in colors that are true to the real world instead of going with fluffy, vibrant colors that are usually only the stuff of dreams. It is safe to say that his take on fine art is modernized, indeed.

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