List of original paintings signed by artist M Singh

M Singh is a self-taught artist who uses his work as a sort of meditational experience. Often found in his paintings is a figurative style that allows him to bring to life a lot of his unique ideas. Some of his paintings have religious concepts hidden within them which he believes to be an outlet for the positive feelings and energies he is surrounded with.

M Singh loves to work with color, as he believes that colors can serve as symbolism for a lot of different aspects in his life. Instead of painting outright pictures that depict what he is thinking and feeling, he instead goes to work with an array of color, which he uses to depict all stages of his life. A lot of his paintings seem to feature cities and villages in a far away manner as if being viewed from a plane or from many miles away. The houses all seem to bunch together into an array of color that is hard to decipher. There is no one set color that can be found as a common vein throughout all of the different paintings, but there is a certain mood and atmosphere that the viewer of these paintings will feel. The colors are all blended together and murky, offering a pensive feel to them. This invites the viewer to really sit down and look at the art and decide what each of the colors means to them personally--the point of M Singh's work.

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