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Nude artwork represents the painter's emotions in relation to their models and the world they live in or imagine. Therefore, buying nude artwork is like owning a little bit of the artist's soul and imagination. Here at our online art gallery, you may discover a large variety of original nude paintings. Feel free to pick your favourite one from this fine selection of original paintings. You may discover a perfect artistic world where you can find yourself each time you admire your favourite painting. As a true art lover, you should know that artists who create nude paintings are seeking to interpret and "invent" an ideal. They cannot simply copy from nature. They are like a magician who surprises everyone with their magnificent tricks.

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Throughout the history of artwork, artists have spent a lot of time capturing remarkable success. From painting famous conquests to portraits of some of the most important people in history, the power of painting has always been used to help develop the mind and inform the audience about the subject. However, the depiction of women in paintings has always been rather different than the depiction of males.

The hidden imagery within just about any piece of art is part of its unique beauty. It acts as a sense of empowerment and deification for those who are the most marginalized by society, and women have certainly been on the wrong end of fairness for much of civilization’s recorded history. As such, female paintings can play a crucial role in the way that people view women. Whereas great male leaders are revered as stoic conquerors, most female idols captured in artwork usually have their physical features portrayed the most prominently, rather than their deeds or accomplishments.

This is most common when we pay attention to the fact that the majority of “glamorous” female paintings are centered around the body. From a sitting woman surrounded by nature to iconic nude artist imagery, female paintings have always looked to either empower the physical form or portray its dominance as envisioned by the male mind. Artists often tend to try and portray the beauty of nature alongside the beauty of the nude woman herself. Although this mindset is changing as time goes on, artwork still looks to portray the physical quality of the female, rather than capture her physical beauty and the accomplishments she has made