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Realist art is dedicated to the truthful depiction of its subject in the most realistic way possible. Abstract art, however, is art which is made up of completely unrecognizable shapes, colors, and angles; it is not meant to depict a subject with any kind of realism whatsoever. Halfway between Realist art and Abstract art is Semi-Abstract art. It contains recognizable shapes, but they are created in such a way that they are identifiable, but not realistic. The subjects in a Semi-Abstract painting are often vague and amorphous; for example, colorful and vivid impressions of flowers or landmarks that you may be able to recognize, but they are simplified and stylized in such a way that the specific details of the piece leave much room for interpretation by the viewer. Most contemporary, “modern art” paintings are actually done in the Semi-Abstract style. It is a popular form of art that is pleasing to the eye and can be quite inspirational. If you look around you, you can find this art style in many public places, from hotel lobbies to restaurants to office buildings.

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