List of original paintings signed by artist Krantishil Kirve

Krantishil Kirve is an artist who does not adhere to one style of art and instead explores them all. Believing that life is meant to be captured on any medium, he works with many, producing pieces that speak to his vision of what he believes life to be. In his works, you can see years of practice and experience with painting as he comes into his own style, producing works that are unique and versatile and do not stick to a single formula like a lot of other artists tend to do once they realize what style they favor.

Krantishil Kirve uses colors from all across the spectrum to complete his works. When he paints locations such as a lonely street or a park in the snow, for instance, his colors are typically dark and bleak, speaking to what his idea of the world of man might be in his mind. Yet, when he paints nature, his colors are vibrant and wild, speaking to the unpredictable and beautiful nature of the world. Even his portraits of people are colorful and bold, offering up his belief that people are every bit as exciting and intriguing as the world that they inhabit. Krantishil Kirve does paint abstract pieces as well, and when he does, the pieces are usually full of red. Other colors that are commonly seen in his abstract paintings are shades of blue, green, yellow and pink. Each one is a study in color and will draw the attention of anyone in the room.

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