List of original paintings signed by artist Theo Dapore

Theo Dapore has been painting for most of his life, yet has only been working seriously in the field of fine art since the fall of 2005. He paints using an airbrush most of the time and employs unique techniques of finger texture painting along with a standard brush to make his work stand out from the others. His passion is primarily painting landscapes, and he does so in a way that adds a ghostly element to natural scenes, taking the viewer out of the real world if only for a breath and dropping them into a realm of unreality and surreality.

The works of Theo Dapore can only be described as mystical. He paints pieces that seem as if they could be real places on Earth, yet are deeply rooted in fantasy and dreamscapes. A lot of his paintings put focus on light sources, each one of them seeming to emanate their own light from within. Landscapes that are often painted are forests, fields, trees, cliffs, mountains and others. When he is not painting flowers or landscapes, Theo Dapore paints abstract works that are just as mystifying as the rest in his collection. The colors that are most prominently used in the works of Theo Dapore include eerie grays, browns, black and blue. When it comes to his more abstract works, there are heavy notes of red that seem to lend themselves to the idea of how passionate Theo Dapore is in his everyday life.

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