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In the world of painting, it can sometimes be difficult to determine what a room needs. Too small, and the artistic addition can feel swallowed by the size of the room. Too large, and it becomes a noose around the neck of any other form of creativity that is installed. Large paintings – anything over 36” – can be an excellent addition to bring a room to life. Typically, you would be looking for a room that has a wall large enough for the painting to take around 2/3-3/4 of the area. Any room that has these specific diameters available can enjoy a larger painting. Large paintings need to be seen from a fair distance to make sure that you get the full effect of the image. If you feel like it fits on the wall, but you are less than 12 feet away from the painting, then it might not be the right piece for the room. You want to put a 36" painting into a room that has a wall that is large enough and nothing is blocking the image. The painting should become the focal point. Typically, paintings over 36" in size work best in rooms such as large office spaces, living areas, studies, and – in the right setting – a dining room. The typical list of rooms to consider tends to be built around the idea of rooms where people are going to be productive. The more inspiration that we can have during our productivity, the better for everyone!

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Large Paintings for Office Decoration

In an office, it helps to have a nice, comfortable layout for your staff to work in. Bright, optimistic colours and exciting artwork can deliver an office atmosphere that is happy and comfortable to work in. But what kind of paintings work best in an office space? Most of the time, something abstract can make all the difference. Trying to keep away from being too specific or forced is a good plan. Instead, make sure that you use excellent colour combinations and images that create different possibilities of what the viewer might see, rather than defining it for them. It might seem like a simple difference, but a large abstract painting helps to make sure the whole office can enjoy a more positive atmosphere. People tend to feel more engaged when looking at images that are abstract, allowing their mind to become creative with what they see. When the image is a cut-and-dried, forced finish, it means that most workers may not really take it in, or don’t find any kind of creative benefit from its place in the room.

Another major aspect of choosing an office painting comes from the size of the piece. In lieu of hanging many different paintings, you should concentrate on larger pieces. You’ll get a much better response from your office paintings if you use just three or four throughout the entire office space. It allows for the large, abstract designs to stimulate creativity without trying to take away from your teams’ ability to concentrate. Another reason why a more abstract approach is so immensely powerful is that classic imagery tended to be more specific – spelling it out for viewers, rather than letting them find their own understanding and enjoyment. A more minimalistic design principle can help ensure that your workplace atmosphere is not too cluttered, and that it promotes inner creativity.

Large Paintings on Canvas

One of the most popular art mediums used today is the large canvas. It has become a popular choice because of its spectacular ability to capture detail, using the rich canvas texture to help enhance the depth and enjoyment of any image. Large paintings on canvas are growing in popularity today, especially when it comes to decorating a large living room or office space. Additionally, we are not limited to one subject, as there are many large landscapes, abstracts, and even pop art portraits. It doesn't matter what kind of painting subject you are looking for - it can be the perfect choice for your home or office design. Not only does the look and feel of an original painting in an office express a certain level of professionalism, but it also assists in creating a satisfying work environment and relationship with employees. Today, more and more companies recognize that productivity and respect go hand-and-hand, as employees respond to small gestures implemented throughout their place of employment. Artists all over the world are selling their unique, one-of-a-kind paintings on GalleryToday for low prices, so it shouldn't be difficult to find a large painting within your budget.