List of original paintings signed by artist Victor Crisostomo Gomez

In tribute to Native American heritage, Victor Crisostomo Gomez creates compelling pieces of art that highlight the bodies and the lives of some of the most often forgotten peoples in the world: The Native American. This artist believes that one of the most overlooked communities around is also one that is most inspiring with their rich culture, powerful heritage an important history. Victor Crisostomo Gomez uses color and symbolism to create compelling and poignant images of those indigenous to American soils, casting a new light on a people that so many overlook.

Victor Crisostomo Gomez is an artist who has been in a number of different exhibitions in many places across the world. Most of his exhibitions take place in different parts of Peru where he exhibited his work from 1995 to 2000 several times. His pieces are all thoughtful and reflective, inspiring contemplation within those who view them. Victor Crisostomo Gomez uses realism in his paintings, creating a closer connection to the artist, the subject at hand and those who view the work he has created.

The colors he uses are bold and almost take the center stage over the human subjects in his paintings with their bold colors and proportions. The most common colors that Victor Crisostomo Gomez uses for his work are rich, dark blues, bright, fiery reds, sunny yellows and gentle lavenders. Each one of them appears to have a special meaning to the artist.

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