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  • Perspective in paintings

    Perspective is the science that has contributed to change the formal composition of the paintings, favoring the transition from medieval to modern Renaissance art. Prospective research reflects the desire and necessity to have a science able to develop a technique to dominate the physical space that, together with the development of cartography, could convey the people of that era, closed for centuries in an Aristotelian view of the world, in a society governed by reason and science, open to the great discoveries that shortly the great explorers would have concretized. The perspective is the result of a...Read More

    02/21/2019 Art Blog 5
  • The relationship between Kubrick and painting

    There is a close relationship between Kubrick's movies and visual arts, especially since 2001: A Space Odyssey. Each image of Kubrick's films stems from in-depth studies, becoming an essential visual experience, therefore, linked to the needs of a rigorous and very meticulous intervention. It is well known that Kubrick, in Barry Lyndon (1975), has admirably reconstructed the vicissitudes of the main character making ample reference to the English iconography of the eighteenth century, with the firm conviction that art is the only faithful repertoire for those who wish to recreate in images events projected...Read More

    02/06/2019 Art Blog 529
  • The origins of painting

    The origins of painting are lost in the mists of time. A legend tells that a young girl from Corinth, daughter of the potter artist Butades, was madly in love with a young boy. Since he had to leave, to preserve her memory, he outlined her profile on the wall tracing the shape of her shadow; that was how painting was born, the fruit of a woman's love for a man. The birth of painting took place starting from a line, from a drawing that, from the beginning, forms the foundation of all the arts. Beyond the myth, with its enormous spectrum of application, drawing is the main tool of every design, both artistic and...Read More

    12/23/2018 Art Blog 2042