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  • The origins of painting

    The origins of painting are lost in the mists of time. A legend tells that a young girl from Corinth, daughter of the potter artist Butades, was madly in love with a young boy. Since he had to leave, to preserve her memory, he outlined her profile on the wall tracing the shape of her shadow; that was how painting was born, the fruit of a woman's love for a man. The birth of painting took place starting from a line, from a drawing that, from the beginning, forms the foundation of all the arts. Beyond the myth, with its enormous spectrum of application, drawing is the main tool of every design, both artistic and...Read More

    12/23/2018 Art Blog 106
  • Symbolism in painting

    To create an iconographic image, the painter usually draws inspiration from a literary source, elaborating it into compositional schemes suitable for figurative art. The literary concept is artistically reinterpreted and sometimes undergoes slight variations in order to integrate and contextualize the message at the time in which the artwork is created. Identifying the subject or the subjects of the painting, together with the theme represented in it, is of fundamental importance for a correct evaluation of the painting. Knowing how to recognize the content of a painting is essential in order to penetrate and...Read More

    12/23/2018 Art Blog 93
  • The history of oil on canvas

    Unlike tempera painting, which consists of colored pigments mixed with binders in aqueous solution, egg, casein and animal glue, oil colors have linseed, poppy or walnut oil as binder. The oil colors are very bright and maintain great stability and durability over time: a feature that makes them particularly suitable for painting. Their long drying time allows the artist to draw the painting with the necessary calm; in particular, the painter can widely use the "technical glazes" without the color drying off during painting. Oil colors make it possible to greatly expand the color range and to achieve greater...Read More

    12/23/2018 Art Blog 92